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Myopia appears in adolescence, more rarely in childhood, and progresses into adulthood. It affects around 25% of the population.


This visual defect is characterized by blurred distance vision and sharp near vision. The myopic eye is too long and the image is formed behind the retina.


  • Symptoms: blurred far and near vision, visual fatigue and/or headaches
opération de la myopie

Myopia correction


The laser


Laser surgery for myopia is a common procedure that involves reducing the curvature of the cornea to allow the image to re-form on the retina (point of sharpness).


The procedure is painless and lasts just a few minutes. Both eyes are usually operated on at the same time.


All laser operations take place at the Azur Vision Ophthalmological Center.



  • Quick, painless operation
  • Depending on the technique chosen, visual recovery within 24 hours
opération de la myopie

Laser type


Laser technique at Azur Vision



This technique involves non-contact surface ablation without cutting. The operation is performed under local anaesthetic and lasts just a few minutes.



Operation sequence


The laser operation

Preoperative examination :

The ophthalmologist will determine your eligibility for the operation by performing a few additional tests, and will answer any questions you may have.

Day of operation

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic. The surgeon's aim is to reshape your cornea to correct blurred distance vision.

Post-operative follow-up :

You'll be back home within a few hours of the operation. You will need to rest and follow the instructions provided by the medical team.

Visual recovery :

Visual recovery generally takes 24 to 48 hours and the patient can resume activities the following day.

The team


Our team of
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Our prices


The rates shown apply only to the Azur Vision Ophthalmological Center and are given as an indication only. They may vary according to the technique used, the visual defect treated, the surgeon’s fees, etc.


Price per eye

1 275

Included in our rates:


  • Your care at the center
  • Preparation and surgery
  • Post-operative follow-up

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How long does laser surgery for myopia last?

Laser surgery for myopia takes around 20 minutes for both eyes. However, the laser intervention per eye lasts only a few seconds.

Is laser surgery for myopia painful?

The procedure itself is completely painless, as it is performed under local anaesthetic with a few drops of eye drops. However, a gritty sensation may be felt for a few hours shortly after the procedure.

Is laser surgery covered by social security?

Refractive surgery is not covered by the social security system, but many mutual insurance companies will pay a flat-rate fee. Ask your insurance company for details.